Schlossberghöhlen Homburg

The Beeder biotope, also called Beeder Bruch, is home to a large number of unusual animals and plant and is therefore a great destination for nature lovers near Homburg in Saarland.

Water buffalo, ducks, herons and wild geese can be observed in artificially created flood basins and Konik ponies gallop on the meadows, inaccessible pools and ponds and the meadow areas are responsible for the fact that more than 140 different breeding and resting bird species have already been identified.

The Beeden biotope also offers a special experience: It is home to one of the four breeding pairs of storks living in the Bliesgau biosphere reserve. The storks, the hatching and rearing of the young in the eyrie and the parents collecting the food can be wonderfully observed live from the observation tower of the biotope. 

1 Schlossberg-Höhen-Straße 66424 Homburg Germany